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We are glad to share some knowledge and wisdom with you that will shine a new light on your heart and mind, and help you build the life of excellence and success that you envisoned. All courses include assignments to help members apply the content to their personal lives, so they can see results faster. We also conduct free quartely workshops.

Free Yourself and Your Dreams

A shackled mind never leaves home. And a shackled mind is a shackled life. This course shows you how to unshackle yourself from old, perennial mental and spiritual bondages. Make an exodus out of the old failures into a new daring future full of promise. Like a bird freed from its cage, so will you be unmanacled from your past hinderances, free to pursue a life of true freedom, accomplishment and peace.


Paths to Greatness

You’ve heard the saying before: success leaves footprints. In this course, we peer into the paths blazed by examplars, and gather pertinent wisdom to help us chart our own way, and to build our own version of a successful life. It’s time to leave port, and set sail on your on journey, so that someday, you too might leave clues for others to follow. You’re a #MommySupermodel after all!



Self-denial is the key that liberates all your potentialities and sets you on a course to success and fulfillment. Through self-denial, we learn how to say no to ourselves and our self-sabotaging tendencies. And if you can stand up to yourself, you can stand up to anyone and anything. Say “no” to weakness, so you can say “yes” to strength. Say “no” to error so you can say “yes” to wisdom. Say “no” to failure, so you can say “yes” to success and contentment.



Self-mastery is the symphony that brings all of your different gifts and talents together, to create a remarkable masterpiece- the life that you dreamed of. Without it, your life is simply a discordant note. Master yourself and master anything! 


Your Family

These courses provide timeless truths and wisdom that will assist parents to better  raise their children in today’s challenging world. Our children are our most important legacy, and the best gift we can give them are our love, wisdom, and example.

Raising Young Men

What a time to be a parent! Especially the parent of young men! You don’t just have to deal with the usual teenage challenges, but you have to contend with a world that wants to replace you in your child’s life. Don’t throw in the towel! Fight for your son! This course will give you the spiritual and mental armor and wisdom that you need to raise your son in a way that will help him be his own man, in every good way, to bring joy to both parent and son. This what every young man really wants, and frankly, every parent, too. Raise your son with no regret!


Raising Young Women

Raising a daughter in today’s world is no cake walk. Truth be told, you’re sometimes just as perplexed as your daughter is, about how to safely maneuver the minefield that is teenage life. How can you help her to succeed and thrive, in spite of the many issues facing her generation? This course will help you to be the right guide for her, to not replace her voice, but to help her find and strengthen it, so that she can make decisions that yield a birght future, filled with more joys and less tears.


Family: troubles and triumphs

When a couple has problems, unfortunately, the problems extend out to their children, too. It’s hard for children to remain unscathed when a hurricane blows through their parent’s marriage. Thus, true healing must involve everyone, the couple and their children included. This course is a guide to a holistic family healing, after a family major problem.  No one was left untouched by the difficulty and trauma; everyone should be involved in the healing process.


Marriage (restoring the love lost)

Can you really recapture the magic of a love and marriage gone bad? Can your marriage be as good as it once was? Can this broken, seemingly hopeless relationship be make whole again? Of course! You did it once, you can do again, with the right knowledge, understanding, committment and motivation. This course is a guide on how to not just recover what you lost, but to use your experience to make it sweeter and more beautiful than ever before. At #Mommy Supermodel, we believe in families and marriages and we recognize them as the corrnerstone of any healthy and vibrant society.


New Seasons

Time for your second act? These courses will be of great help to people who want to make a life or career change, such as moving to a different field or simply moving on to a different season in their lives.


 You are ready to switch gears, to go from being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), to being a CEO of your own business. Frankly, we believe that being a SAHM prepares you in vital ways to be a successful entrepreneur. This course is a great guide to second (or third) acts. We show you how to make the necessary but scary changes, and more importantly, how to transfer the skills that you already have, to your new station in life. We are excited for you that you are ready to make this monumental change, and we’re pleased to partner with you on your next success chapter.


Dealing with Change

 Life’s only constant is change. We know that. Managing change can be hard, whether they are good or bad changes. This course will help you handle the many changes in your life, so that when the dust settles, you’re are better off than you were before.  This is a masterclass in adaptability, how to be flexible enough to weather good times and bad. How do you thrive when others are starving? How do you stand steady when the ground shifts underneath you? Like the bulrush, you’ll be left standing when the storm is over. Wise people thrive in good times, and bad. You are wise, aren’t you?



One good friendship is worth its weight in gold. This course is a comprehensive study of relationships, and how to build friendships that will be a blessing to you. Not everyone should be your friend. Not everyone qualifies as a confidante. Learn how to build the right foundation within yourself, so you can build rich and fruiful relationships with others. This information is even more vital in our crazy and treacherous world of today.


The Victorious Life

Getting a rocket to take off is hard. Keeping it afloat can be harder. Building a successful life is a challenge; but keeping and expanding what you’ve built can be even more challanging. If you don’t know how to keep and expand your wins, you’ll always have to start all over again. This course shows you how to accumulate and maintain your wins, so that they become a sturdy skyscrapper of success. Make sure that there are no holes in your life’s basket, so that your hard-earned victories do not leak away. It is sad to see a person ascend the mountain of success, only to see them  come back down, because they didn’t know that staying successful requires a different kind of knowledge and wisdom.


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