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Is Mommy Supermodel a fashion or modeling agency?

No! Our company name, “Mommy Supermodel”, is simply a play on words.  We are not a fashion or modeling agency. We are a global network of women leaders who support each other as they work to accomplish impressive personal goals, while also serving their families and communities. We are role models, and if there is one thing that we model, it is good character, and exemplary results.

Do I have to be a mother to be a Mommy Supermodel member?

No. Mommy Supermodel membership is open to all women, whether you are a mom or not. There are women role models from all works of life and family compositions, whether they are moms or not. We want to celebrate you and partner with you so that you can achieve even more amazing feats. As a people, as a society, we will all be better for it. It is our joy to see you succeed and be fulfilled!

How do I join a Mommy Supermodel local chapter?

Go to our “membership” page, and click on the “sign up” botton. This will open up a page with a form for you to fill. When you fill out the membership form, please be sure to select the local chapter that is closest to you. If there is no chapter close to you and you would like to start a new chapter in your town or city, please let us know and we would help you set up everything. Start and finish something great with your Mommy Supermodel membership. Sign up today!


What can I expect from the Mommy Supermodel community?

You can expect to attain new and invaluable knowledge and wisdom, expert consultations, coaching sessions, fitness sessions, and a warm, supportive community that will challenge you to greatness like you’ve not known before. If your’e willing to do the work, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our global tribe. You’ll love it here!

We are a kind and nurturing community of bold, driven, trail blazing women who support each other as they pursue and accomplish their personal and professional goals. We have seven core values: family, love, courage, wisdom, integrity, excellence, and community.


What is the duration of my Subscription?

Our membership subscription is yearly. This means that your card will be billed once a month, for a year. You can cancel your membership at the end of the year, before you receive any new content or participate in any of our activities. This is a worthy investment that will yield great dividends for you. Invest in knowledge and wisdom that enriches your life, and endures.

How do I access your fitness classes?

We offer fitness and wellness classes in strength training, cardiovascalar training, self-defense, and meditation. Classes are offered daily, online, and your membership gives you free access to all fitness sessions. Class videos are uploaded to our platform and members can access them at any time. All our classes are led by Certified Fitness Instructors with many years of experience. These women are also leaders in many other areas including the fitness arena, and their very lives are proof that our system works and delivers great results.

What kinds of courses do you offer?

Our courses cover many different fields, with the aim to make you wiser, more disciplined, and fully equipped to accomplish the great goals that you have set for yourself and your family.

Our competitive advantage is that our courses provide you with uncommon wisdom and knowledge that is applicable in many areas of your life. We’re not just interested in giving you technical knowledge; we also want to furnish you with wisdom that will brighten your life, especially in your heart and soul. And from this better place, you can do great exploits, and make your mark in your generation.



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