Speak, dear, speak!

Speak even when you know you might not be listened to. Speak, even though you know for certain that they will ignore you.
Their attention and acceptance aren’t permission slips necessary for you to give your heart expression.
Speak! Your voice is an articulation of your soul, a reflection of your distinctive and vital person, and a luxurious libation which the world desperately needs to imbibe. Though, sometimes, it hardly knows it.
Speak! Your voice is an intrinsically crucial part of the sweet note of life that all creation signs in unison, everyday.
Speak! For if you’re silent, you mute others, seeing that your voice is the spark that lights up other voices.
Speak! For if you mute yourself, a special note is missing from the tune of creation, much like a dead key on a giant piano.
Speak! For it will be discordant for creation to sing without you, just like it would be hard for the pianist to make her melodious music using dead keys.
Speak! For many whom you might not be aware of, are desirous to hear your voice. There’s an audience rapt at attention, straining for every note of your voice. Don’t deny them the unspoiled delicacy from your heart’s choral kitchen.
Speak! For you’re always heard. Many hungry ears are listening, always, whether you realize it or not.